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Culver City,CA 90230

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Incredibly nice, helpful, efficient, professional, and honest. Thought there was a problem with my front suspension, they lifted the car up, tightened a few loose bolts, rectified the issue, shook my hand, and told me to have a nice day. I HIGHLY recommend these guys!


Very impressed & happy. I had both of my brake lights go out. I was afraid of getting screwed so I did my research and found these guys using google reviews. I am glad I did! I called and scheduled an appointment for a few days later. Bob said to drop by and let them check in case it was a simple problem before my appointment. I did as such and they found it to be not simple so I came back on the day I was scheduled. They jumped right on diagnosing the issue with me there watching. IN about 5 minutes the tech discovered one light bulb was bad and one of my break light housings was bad. They ordered a new part and said it would be about 2 workign days, but the part arrived that day, much faster than anticipated. I actually couldn't go back so soon, so I returned the next day. They installed the part in about 5 minutes and didn't charge me for the labor. I made it to work early! These guys are honest and quick to resolve your repair issues. I will definitely be back and recommend this auto repair shop.


Girls, The only place to take your T-Bird or any other car. Highly Recommended and vice versa !!!

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Great place. I had to get my car smogged but had an annoying check engine line on. The mechanic did me a favor by diagnosing my car for free. Luckily, my diagnosis wasn't serious and after resetting my cars computer, I was able to quickly smogged and it passed. If you are looking for an honest and fair mechanic, this is the place!

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I came in with a failed power steering system. There was a recall from Chrysler on the power steering hoses, so the mechanic at Ed Little checked it out, confirmed that was the problem, and told me my best bet was to call the dealer and have them come tow it to the dealership. Said I shouldn't drive it with no fluid. I asked what it would cost to have him fix it. He checked for parts and gave me an estimate of $150 to $175, but again said if it were him he'd take it to the dealer to have it fixed for free. Chrysler agreed to tow it for $50, so I ended up only out $50. So overall I was very happy with the service and advice from Ed Little auto service, and won't hesitate to take my car there in the future if it needs something.